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Really wanting to trade for a tablet or 3ds. Trade me for a 3ds or tablet and ill also throw in a Motorola Droid (4gb) with dock and charger (1st Gen) and a 100GB external hard drive.oom. Wanting to sell or trade or setup a partial deal! Selling a large lot of used and new sealed desktop memory. Included are 5 sticks of PCxxxx DDR memory and 3 sicks of 2GB PCxxxx0 DDR2 memory. All sticks are brand new and still sealed in their original packaging. In addition I have a lot of extra memory you are welcome to sort through at the same cost. I am really trying to clear out some space so name a price and I will see what I can do. In addition I am including numerous sticks of good used memory. 3 1GB sticks of DDR2, a single 2GB stick of DDR2 in addition to a single 512MB stick, all mentioned are laptop memory. Iadditional desktop memory includes 3 1GB sticks of DDR2 and a single 256 and 512 stick in addition to a few odds and ends sdram pieces. You are welcome to verify and test they are work with a bench test of a motherboard you have provided. Selling dirt cheap compared to retail price of new product.
For a limited time I will also be throwing in several PCMCIA wireless cards. All is pictured here.
Price is fairly firm but open to the idea of a partial or full trade. Really just throw me an offer, worse case is I say no.
The only items I am currently looking for are a slate style tablet, PS3, kindle blaze, Decent Small form factor desktop pc, color laser printer, Bamboo style tablet pad, tablet, DSi XL or 3DS. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through email or contact me at (859) 240-xxxx or through my email address provided through this site.
Willing to sell ram separately for $25 a piece. I will go cheaper if your only looking for a few sticks.
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